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technical features
electrochemical reactions
construction and electrolyte

positive plates 
    positive plates are electrodes of which a gri d frame of lead-tin-calcium alloy holds porous lead dioxide as the active material.

negative plates 
    negative plates are plate electrodes of which a grid frame of lead-tin-calcium alloy holds spongy lead as the active material.

    diluted sulfuric acid is used as the medium for conductingions in the electrochemical reaction in the battery.

    separators, which retain electrolyte and prevent shorting between positive and negative plates, adopt non-wovenfabric of fine glass fiber which is chemically stable in the diluted sulfuric acid electrolyte. being highly porous, separators retain electrolyte for the reaction of active materials in the plates.

valve (one way valve)
    the valve is comprised of a one-way valve made of material such as neoprene. when gas is generated in the battery under extreme overcharge condition due to erroneous charging, charger malfunctions or other abnormalities ,the vent valve opens to release excessive pressure in the battery and maintain the gas pressure within specific range(7.1 to 43.6kpa). during ordinary use of the battery, the vent valve is closed to shut out outside air and prevent oxygen in the air from reacting with the active material in the negative electrodes.

positive and negative electrode terminals
    positive and negative electrode terminals may be fasten tab type, bolt fastening type, threaded post type, or lead wire type ,depending on the type of the battery. sealing of the terminal is achieved by a structure which secures long adhesive-embedded pants and by the adoption of strong epoxy adhesives.

battery case materials
    materials of the body and cover of the battery case are abs resins, unless otherwise specified.

4.safety valve
5.negative plate
6.absorptive mat separator
7.positive plate

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