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car battery terminals head loose processing method
storage battery loose studs processing power and automobile stigma is a circuit connection, the basic parts of automobile driving carelessly bumped and repair of the collision can make storage battery loose studs, easy to cause the car can't normal starting. owners can use right hand will pull bolts, pay attention to in the process of disassembly, don't use the tools, lest make the battery knock off the active substances, internal damage batteries. tighten bolts, if likelihood loose studs, can be used in metal liner to join the solution. according to the following steps.
1, removed and cleaning studs.
2 and cut a piece of moderate size tongpi or lead to skin, extremely column. first packet
3, on the stigma, tighten bolts, and thread place daub butter.
4 and packed in a column, after besmear again surface.
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