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asian battery meeting chinese elements manifest everywhere
two years of the 13th asia battery meeting in 2009 september 1 ~ 4 in macao, from all over the world, the battery industry representatives of 500 people attended the meeting.
with 20 years of history, the battery meeting of asia in 2007 the 12th conference held in shanghai, 2009 again held in china has unusual significance.
the asian battery meeting chinese registered representative, there are more than 70 of the registered in china without prior to the battery industry professionals communion, or visit the exhibition. according to the previous practice, set up more than 70 around the booth to visit china and foreign enterprise in china offices booth occupied nearly 1/2 of the booth, the everywhere familiar faces of the chinese people. meeting a worldwide solicitation of papers, the representative of china in the papers, nearly 10 for the history.
since september 2008, by international financial crisis, the impact of global economy in hot water. although growth in chinese market, but also the strong demand, and the rigidity of the various policy measures, let china become a global market almost the only pure land.
the global economic depression of the experience to challenges china remained 9% growth, give the coolness of the global economy, the world's eyes to china again. for china, "crisis" to foreign capital shortage, on the contrary, show in the world economy growing importance. currently, china has become a world of lead-acid batteries, at the same time, china as a manufacturing base of production and consumption of lead-acid batteries, the industry's progress and development of enterprise more and more attention.
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