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western development in 2010 started 23 new key projects
    for the depth implementation of western development strategy, actively expand domestic demand, good and fast development of the western di qu, guo jia western development program in 2010 started 23 key gong cheng xin, overall scale of 682.2 billion yuan investment. 23 new major projects are: (1) shanghai to kunming, changsha, kunming passenger paragraph (2), leshan, chengdu-guiyang railway to guiyang paragraph (3) passenger xi'an to chengdu, xian to jiangyou paragraph (4) baoji passenger-lanzhou line, (5) passenger in chengdu to chongqing, (6) yunnan dali to lijiang road, (7) to kuqa, xinjiang aksu road, (8) gansu lei kok (shaanxi-gansu border) to xifeng road, ( 9) guizhou guiyang airport expansion, (10) western extension airport, (11) fangchenggang in guangxi nuclear power phase, (12) sichuan dadu and yalong tongzilin monkey rock station, (13) west photovoltaic power station construction , (14) western wind power base construction, (15) western rural upgrading works, (16) victory in the east ii coal mine in inner mongolia the second phase, (17) southern xinjiang coal mine shaft mine first phase, (18) qinghai-tibet dc interconnection, (19) xinjiang power grid and the northwest power interconnection project, (20) guizhou guizhou hydro phase, (21) water control over the tibetan side, (22) water control project in inner mongolia manner, (23) xinjiang kensiwate dam.

    2000-2009, the western development accumulated 120 new major projects, total investment of 2.2 trillion yuan.
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