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why did the motorcycle battery run out soon after being fully charged? it turned out to be because of this!-皇城国际官方网站

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the battery of the motorcycle is fully charged, and it runs out after just a few uses; or the fully charged battery is dead after a few days, because the battery plate is severely vulcanized.

when the electrode plate of the battery is severely vulcanized, a thicker white lead sulfate crystal will form on the electrode plate, so that the active material of the battery that participates in chemical changes will be reduced. at the same time, this layer of crystallization will hinder the penetration of the electrolyte and reduce the capacity of the accumulator makes the accumulator fully charged quickly, but the capacity is not large, so it runs out of electricity soon after use. when this happens, it is usually said that the plate is vulcanized. the main reason for the vulcanization of the battery is that the battery is under-charged for a long time, or placed for too long under the condition of half-discharge.

if serious vulcanization is found on the battery plate, you can first discharge the battery, pour out the electrolyte, and then inject a less dense electrolyte of about 1.15, and charge with one-fifteenth of the battery capacity until the electrolysis when bubbles appear in the liquid, reduce the charging current again. when the bubbles in the electrolyte rise sharply, pour out all the electrolyte in the battery, then add electrolyte with a density of 1.27-1.29, and charge with a small current. the battery will generally return to normal after several times of repetition.

for severe vulcanization, add distilled water and use the same method to charge, so that the lead sulfide will dissolve in the distilled water under the action of the electric field, forming a very thin electrolyte, and then discharge when a large number of bubbles appear during charging. recharge the battery and repeat it many times. at this time, check the electrolyte density change in the battery. if the electrolyte scale no longer rises, the capacity of the battery also rises to more than 85%. pour out the battery. and then inject new electrolyte into the battery.