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what requirements must be met when choosing energy storage batteries-皇城国际官方网站

date:2020/8/1 14:53:57view:7

as an energy storage power station that cooperates with photovoltaic power generation to achieve peak shaving and valley filling, load compensation, and improve power quality applications, energy storage batteries are a very important component. when selecting energy storage batteries, the following requirements must be met:
1. it is easy to realize multi-mode combination to meet higher working voltage and larger working current;
2. the battery capacity and performance can be detected and diagnosed, so that the control system can realize the dispatch control of the power station load under the condition of predicting the battery capacity and performance;
3. high safety and reliability: under normal use, the normal service life of the battery is not less than 15 years;
4. under extreme conditions, even if a fault occurs, it is within the controllable range, and there should not be explosions, combustion, and other faults that endanger the safe operation of the power station;
5. it has good fast response and large rate charging and discharging ability, generally requiring 5-10 times of charging and discharging ability; higher charging and discharging conversion efficiency;
6. easy to install and maintain;
7. it has good environmental adaptability and a wide working temperature range;
8. it meets the requirements of environmental protection, and does not cause environmental damage and pollution in the process of battery production, use, and recycling.