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energy comparison between energy storage batteries and lithium batteries-皇城国际官方网站

date:2020/8/1 14:55:10view:5

energy storage technology batteries belong to a type of lead-acid battery, which is a cheaper metal material among rechargeable battery materials. in china’s electric forklifts widely use this type of lead-acid battery as a material and traction with electric forklifts as a driving force. traditional energy storage technology batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries have relatively low energy density, and both contain excessive heavy metals (lead and cadmium). lead-acid batteries are not suitable for deep-layer battery charging. nickel-cadmium batteries have significant memory. therefore, traditional it is difficult for rechargeable batteries to consider the regulations of various power-consuming equipment that are developing rapidly; energy storage technology batteries are relatively early materials. at this stage, there is no cheaper alternative to replace them. metal lithium has the most negative electrode potential, and has a small relative atomic mass. therefore, using lithium as the negative stage of a rechargeable battery is expected to obtain the largest operating voltage and high energy density. in addition, it also has the characteristics of low lithium battery life rate. the annual lithium battery life rate is less than 2%.